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Maia Mum Postpartum Recovery Kit

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Bringing a baby into the world, whether it’s your first or fifth takes its toll on your body.

Our kit has been carefully put together and covers all the bases to help your body recover!

No matter how your baby was delivered, each product in our postpartum kit can aid your recovery. Using our 4 step process will get you sorted and give you more time to focus on your newest family member!

What’s included*: 
1 x 300ml Peri Bottle + Waterproof Travel Bag
4 x Instant Cool Maxi Pads
2 x Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pads + 2 Washable Material Sleeves
4 x Maia Mum Short-Term Use Underwear
50ml Maia Mum Soothe-It Spray

*Please refer to individual items for further information.