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Instant Cool Padsicles - 4 Pack

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After giving birth it’s tender, really tender. The last thing you want to be doing is making DIY padsicles while adjusting to your new norm. 

No need to freeze or add anything to your maternity pads. With built in ultra absorbency and instant cooling relief, your vagina will thank you!

These bad boys will stay cold for at least 30 minutes and are ideal for those first few days post birth. Then we recommend you switch it up to Maia Mum Reusable Gel Pads.


Instructions: Everything you need to know is on the box but it’s as easy as bend and snap, shake it up and pop it in your Maia Mum underwear!

What’s included: 4 x Instant Cool Padsicles 

Top tip: Had a C-section? No worries! Use these as cool therapy on your incision (pad side to skin, adhesive on outside).

Step 3 in the Maia Mum 4 Step Postpartum Recovery Guide