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Reusable Gel Pads - 2 Pack

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Your one-stop Reusable Gel Pads! For all your sensitive heating and cooling needs.

These can be used for relieving perineal pain, haemorrhoids and C-section incisions. The cool thing is that once you’re all healed, they can be used as heat/cold packs on any other parts of your body! 


Instructions: Freeze for cold therapy or warm up as per instructions on the box and you're good to go!

What's included: 2 x Reusable Gel Pads + 2 x Super Soft Washable Sleeves (polyester)

Top Tip: Heat therapy can be used for pain relief during labour – particularly in the early stages. Have our gel pads on hand for when you go into labour to help with pain management!

Step 3 in the Maia Mum 4 Step Postpartum Recovery Guide