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Short-Term Use Postpartum Underwear - 4 Pack

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After giving birth the last thing you want to be worrying about is your underwear. We’ll take care of that!

Maia Mum Postpartum Underwear is high waisted, soft, comfortable and stretchy. They are everything you need and more after giving birth, suitable for use after all births.
C-sections: the waistband sits higher than the incision so they won’t irritate you while you’re healing.

These are designed for short-term use and are washable, so chuck them in a laundry bag on a delicate cycle so that you can use them again (can be washed around 10-15 times).

Made from: Nylon/spandex blend

What's included: 4 pairs of super soft, short-term use Maia Mum Underwear

Available in 3 sizes: Small (6-10), Medium (10-14) and Large (14-18)

Top tip: Keep a pair or two in your nappy bag for the first few weeks in case you need to do any stealth changes of your own!

Step 4 in the Maia Mum 4 Step Postpartum Recovery Guide